PerfectLeanBody workout

 are extremely effective. 

Fun & effective workotus to be sexy, lean, fit,Strengthening, toning, shaping exercises.

A mix of High & Low-intensity workouts

A mix of High & Low impact exercises With or without any equipment

Short or longer time workouts

At home or in the gym



Single workout


A video workout customized for your body type & needs
Focus on different body parts
Each video is about 30min
With or without equipment
At home or in the gym


one week workout


Extremely effective, fun, full length videos
Everyday different workout video
High or low impact, intensity
Workouts for 5 days a week
Each video is about 30min
With or without equipment


workout plan

$100/ ONE WEEK plan
$300/ 4 WEEKS plan
$900/ 3 MONTHS plan

Customized WORKOUT PLAN is an exercise routine that`s based on your fitness goals, your fitness level, the amount of time you can devote to exercise each week, and the kind of fitness activities you enjoy.
As a fitness trainer, I will assess your abilities, define your goals, create a personalized exercise and cardio plan.
YOUR workout plan tells you exactly what exercise to do, how many reps, and how many sets.
At home or in the gym. With or without equipment. For everyone, any age.
The main focus is on strength, flexibility, and effectiveness.
Everything is laid out for you.

Free workout

On the PerfectLeanBody YouTube channel, there are many free workout tutorials. 

Pick any video you like and let’s work out together. Enjoy workouts at home or in the gym.