our workouts

PerfectLeanBody workouts are extremely effective. 

A mix of high & low-impact strengthening, toning, and shaping exercises make your body sexy, lean, and fit. Based on your time you pick from a variety of short workouts or longer time workouts.  At home or in the gym, with or without any equipment. The goal is to have fun while working out and get the best possible results. As a dedicated health coach, I will help you to stay on track.

PerfectLeanBody motto is to make your body always fit, healthy and sexy.


Single workouts

Let me customize a single video workout that is just perfect for you, your body type, and your needs. You can select your favourites from the workout videos below.

Did you not find your favourite one? Just let me know and I will create a workout video just for you. 


Pricing: $80/per workout

one week workouts

Let’s work out together for one week. Every day a different workout video. 

Extremely effective, fun, and full-length videos. Each video is about 30 min, with or without equipment, high or low impact.  

I promise to challenge you in each workout video. Get your best results in a few days.

Down below are bestsellers workout videos.

Did you not find your favourite one? Let me customize workout videos just for you.


Pricing: $300 per 5 workout videos

workout programs

A workout plan is essentially a “roadmap” that clearly identifies for the client the steps they will need to take to reach their desired destination.

Workout plan customized for you, to your needs and your desired goal. 

I will provide you with structure so that you aren’t wondering what to do next or just reverting to the cardio equipment. I will tell you which exercise to do, how many reps, how many sets. Everything is laid out for you. 

PerfectLeanBody workout plans use various equipment, including an elastic band, kettle bells, dumbbells, jump rope, and so on. There are many different styles from strengthening training, circuit, HIIT to yoga or Pilates. 

My training session speaks for itself. I always do what is best for you, your body, and your health. It is absolutely logical to start at a slow pace and make it more intense as time passes.

Workouts are for everyone, everywhere, and anytime. The main focus is on strength, flexibility, and effectiveness.

PerfectLeanBody workout plans & pricing

  • One week   $100
  • 4 weeks/1month $300
  • 3 months $900

Free workouts

On the PerfectLeanBody YouTube channel, there are many free workout tutorials. 

Pick any video you like and let’s work out together. Enjoy workouts at home or in the gym. 


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