About Me

About me

“A perfect Lean body is what everyone wants”

Unique as the focus is on being active, fit, and happy. 

Rather than pressurizing yourself by working out so hard, enjoy many different styles of workouts that are just perfect for you – your body type. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with Pavla.

I am a Holistic Health Coach and an ACE-certified personal and fitness trainer. 

Since 2012 I have coached and helped thousands of people to change, improve, and create their lifestyles. My love and passion are and always was helping people lose weight, getting fit, stronger, happier, and healthier. 

My way is different, as I believe the key to success is consistency. Even during my pregnancy, I worked out daily, maintained healthy eating habits. As a health coach, I will get to the root cause and support you to achieve your highest level of health. 

Whatever in life is going on, be content and choose from many different workouts as there are low or high impact workouts, short or long intense workouts. Workouts for every one of all ages and health conditions. 

With perfect workouts and a perfect diet, we create a perfect healthy lifestyle. 

Our Vision

The vision is to benefit the mind and soul along with the fit body. Enhance the quality of life in society. Make people happy and content. Motivate clients to achieve their goals by providing a positive environment, workouts, and diet plans. Be sexy, fit, healthy, and happy in every stage of your life.

Our mission

The mission is to provide services to everyone. PerfectLeanBody works online and you can work out with me from anywhere in the world. My workouts are here for you anytime, anywhere. In your comfort zone, in the privacy of your house directly from your device. Daily without the pressure of being in a gym on time.

Core Values

  1. Maximizing the strength of the client without compromising their health.
  2. Be compassionate towards the client to make them feel comfortable.
  3. Achieve the desired results but keep in mind the risk of injury.
  4. Enjoying working out without being frustrated and bored.
  5. Provide effective workouts that are just perfect for your body type.
  6. Select, customize the right workout plan to your needs.
  7. Be honest with clients and maintain the highest morality.
  8. Be professional yet friendly to keep clients motivated. 

Challenge Yourself

I am here to challenge you. To get your best results. To increase your fitness level, muscle mass, get your desired body with the minimum risk of injury. Provide you with an organized diet, and a healthy lifestyle.  A PerfectLeanBody gives challenges according to each body type, which is the point where the best results come from. 

Be strong, be happy, and be fit!

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On the PerfectLeanBody YouTube channel, there are many free workout tutorials. 

Pick any video you like and let’s work out together. Enjoy workouts at home or in the gym. 

What is Workout?

Fitness Instructor

Perfect Lean Body workouts are extremely effective. 

A mix of high & low-impact strengthening, toning, and shaping exercises make your body sexy, lean, and fit. Based on your time you pick from a variety of short workouts or longer time workouts.  At home or in the gym, with or without any equipment. The goal is to have fun while working out and get the best possible results. As a dedicated health coach, I will help you to stay on track.

Perfect Lean Body motto is to make your body always fit, healthy and sexy.

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